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Please help me write an email for a NYU recruiter

So far this is what I have written, but I'm not entirely sure what I should ask of her outside of advice. I presume asking her to slip me past to the big boys up top would be inappropriate. I removed some personal information.

Hello [Recruiter name], my name is Camryn [My last name].

Your email address was given to me by [My Doctor] after I told her I was very interested in going to New York University. I am currently a junior at [city] High School (2022-2023), I had a GPA of 3.8 last school year, and I have taken all honors and AP classes in high school.

I am emailing you because I hope you can give me some insight into what I would need to do to ensure I get admitted to NYU.


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2 months ago

What major are you interested in? Ask questions about that. Also, ask about financial aid and campus life.

Good luck with your college search!!!

Also, you should consider formatting your email like this:

Dear [Recruiter name],



Camryn [last name]

2 months ago

That's not a very good start to a letter. The last line is "give me some insight into what I would need to do to ensure I get admitted to NYU." This is something you would never write or ask in person. Their job is to see if you are a good fit for NYU. They don't know you, and don't owe you or your Doctor a favor, so don't ask them for one because that would be tantamount to calling a favor in because of your connection.

If you have done your research you will know that this past cycle NYU had over 100,000 applications and only accepted 12.8%, its lowest in history. The average median SAT score was 1540 and the ACT was 34 and 50% of admits submitted test scores even though they were test-optional. About 45% of the admitted class have GPAs between 3.8-4.0 so I'm not sure that sharing your 3.8 is that impressive to write in your main pitch. And I would say the same thing for mentioning your course rigor because taking honors and AP is a basic necessity if you are to be considered.

If you need to mention academics it would be wiser to comment that you are aware that NYU seeks applicants who have superior course rigor, class rank, academic GPA, and Standardized test scores but are also aware that they seek cohorts with unique talents/abilities, great personal character, and impressive ECs. Would it be a possibility to have a chat on the phone or a Zoom call to introduce yourself and share some basic info to see if you'd be a good fit for NYU. Let me know your availability and I'll work around it. In the meantime, I'll prepare a summary C.V. (resume) and forward it on to you.




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