2 months ago
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(Not really sure this is the right community) I am just wondering, when and how do I start signing up for scholarships?

Hi, I am a sophomore, but I always like to be decently prepared. So I wanted to know when should I start applying for scholarships? And how do I start?


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2 months ago

Hi there! I'm a sophomore in High School as well! Like you said, being prepared is a great habit! You can and should start applying for scholarships at any time! I started earning scholarships as a freshman. I will give you a few websites to help start you out;

- Bold.org

- RaiseMe

- CollegeXpress

- Niche

- Cappex

There are many more websites I haven't mentioned. Feel free to explore. I will mention that RasieMe works a little differently than the rest. You see, instead of earning a scholarship for any, and all schools, you earn micro-scholarships for a certain university or college. For example, I am currently earning about 4,000 in scholarship money for Arizona State University. Since these scholarships are so small, you earn a certain amount per year. Since I earned 4,000 in total for ASU, I will get about 1,000 in scholarship money per year. Don't worry if that doesn't seem like much! Many colleges offer Merit-based scholarships depending on ACT and SAT scores, along with GPA! I will also note, you earn money on everyday things. From activities to GPA, grades, and even the sports you play!

I will also point out my favorite. Bold.org has by far been the most helpful. I can see what scholarships I've won, and which ones I haven't. You can also get nominated for scholarships, which makes you more likely to win. You also collect Bold points. Bold points let you enter the bold point scholarships. There are many to choose from! There are also scholarships for a certain type of person. Wheter an immigrant or an atlete. Bold.org has many opportunities for everyone!

Let me know if you have any further questions! I was glad to help!

2 months ago

As early as possible. I started as a sophomore and haven't won any yet :((( but it takes time to get used to the rhythm of applying, finding websites, and writing so if you start now, then start now. I think a good start would just be to go to scholarship websites such as Fastweb, scholarship owl, etc.


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