4 months ago
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What scores should I list on common app?

I want to go into Business.

AP World History 4

AP US History 2

AP Microeconomics 2

AP Macroeconomics 3

I feel like I should just list APWH and Macro but want to ask for advice.


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Accepted Answer
4 months ago

I agree with your gut and would only submit the APWH and Macro. I would advise against submitting the 2s in APUSH and MICRO because they represent the 41.4% and 31.1% percentile scores for that test according to CollegeBoard. Your 4 in World is a 90.8% percentile score and your 3 in Macro is a 47.7% percentile score.

Good luck!

4 months ago

I recommend only submitting APWH and macro

4 months ago[edited]

Great question. I would definitely advise against sending the 2s. I would also refrain from sending the 3 if you're applying to fairly elite and competitive schools, especially considering that it is in a field related to your intended major. Grades in AP classes are always more important than AP exam scores, so as long as you did well in the classes, you don't have much to worry about.


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