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3 years ago
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How do I convert British grades to American GPA?

I'm just finishing up my a-levels this October, and we don't have a GPA system - only letter grades. I don't know how to convert it for applications to American colleges. Any resources or suggestions?

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2 answers

3 years ago

My american school has British education classes with the AICE program through Cambridge so it's not the same situation but maybe it still applies to you. The way my school calculates grades is each A per semester in an AICE class (as and a level) is worth 4 points unweighted and 5 points weighted, a B is 3 points unweighted and 4 points weighted and it keeps going down like that. If your letter grades in your courses are A-E (i'm not sure how you do class grades but I know this is how exams are done) you need to convert them to American grades before you calculate based on what I gave you. For example an E is equal to an American C. Once you figure out how many points each class is worth, you add up the points and divide by the number of classes. Remember, it's PER SEMESTER so really you count each class twice. Also I'm American so I'm sorry if this doesn't help. Lmk if you have anymore questions regarding the American GPA system like if you're unsure about how many points to give a class, I'll even calculate it for you if you send me your converted American grades and label each class.

I found this website and the bottom has a grade conversion chart but it says First, Upper-second, etc. so if that sounds like your British grades than this might be helpful to converting to American grades: https://gpacalculator.net/grade-conversion/united-kingdom/

There's also this one: https://www.soas.ac.uk/studyabroad/current/file77182.pdf

2 years ago

Hey! You are not usually supposed to convert your grades to the American GPA scale. In fact, some colleges are actually against this and ask you not to try to do this (Cornell for example and the rest ivies). When asked for a cumulative gpa you can just say "none" and let your counselor help you out with submitting your grades.


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