3 months ago
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I have studied in two schools so should I put 3 recommendation letters from each school in application?

or just put 3 recommendations combined?


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Accepted Answer
3 months ago

I have a different take on this. 6 is bad, all 3 from 1 school might not be the way to go.

Most colleges only require 2 recommendations and maybe a 3rd from your HS Counselor. I would be very strategic about this and only submit the 2 teachers that know you best and have the highest probability of advocating for you and explaining your narrative. As far as HS counselors, I would pick the one you have the best relationship with who can best explain your academic record if asked to clarify things on the phone or email if need be. Do not submit 6 recommendations under any circumstance.

Good luck

3 months ago

No, only 3 from one school. I would even go as far as to say to only put 2 total since if you want to add a third, supplemental LoR, it would need to provide another dimension to your application.


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