3 years ago
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Which is all the Essays Required to any College?

What I want to mean is, I know that each College have your especific Essay to make but, which Essay is required to every single college except the supplemental Essays and the Common Application Essays?

I hope that you are understanding what I want to mean. Other question that I have is:

Personal Statement Essay is required for every single college or I have to search on College website if they asking to?

I hope you could help me, thank you for your time, grateful.

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Accepted Answer
3 years ago

There isn't an essay that is required for every college. However, there are essays like the common app essay and why major essay that are common for most colleges.

To answer your 2nd question, the personal statement (I think you mean the common app personal statement) is only required for the colleges that can be applied to in the common app. That means that every college doesn't need the personal statement. If you click schools at the top of the collegevine website and look up the colleges that you want it will also show you what essays you need.

3 years ago

There are different essays required for different colleges. There's no "one size fits all" thing for essays, so there isn't one essay required for every single one.

Not every college requires you to have a personal statement. It's only those who accept the Common App, if I'm not wrong. You can check out each college's website, or look them up on CollegeVine and get to know all essays they need :)

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