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Charity on College Application BS/MD

If I were to make a charity for the country I’m from to help them build better roads and have better access to medical supplies etc would that be good on my college application for a bs md program?

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@tmoney3 years ago

yeah as long as you continue to put effort and time into it, you should be really well off!

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3 years ago

Hi @faatimayu! It's great that you're interested in community service.

On the college application side of things, this would be a great endeavor to list on your application for a few reasons. Regarding the service, it shows that you care about your community and are willing to contribute to communities you are a part of. A lot of elite schools ask essay questions specifically around community service because they want driven individuals who will take the initiative to make campus (and eventually, the world!) a better place.

On a more general level, deciding to start a lasting impactful change in your community with your free time is a great example of a self-driven activity. Because a lot of students enroll in extracurriculars through school, these can come off as generic on an application. But your specific and personal action toward performing this extracurricular will truly stand out on your application.

On your apps, you'll want to write about this not only in the Activities section, but also in your essays. Creating compelling narratives around this experience will only boost your chances of admission.

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