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AP Test vs Dual Enrollment

Hey everyone!

I'm currently a junior and taking AP US History and AP Macroeconomics. Our school offers the option to either take the AP exam or do dual enrollment through a tiny, local 4-year university. Should I choose to take the AP exam for APUSH, AP Macro, both, or neither?

I like the idea of automatically getting college credit by doing dual enrollment, but I'm not sure which college I want to attend and if the credit will be transferable when I do get to college. I'm taking 2 other AP classes as well (Lang and Bio), so I'm also not completely sure I'll be able to get a 4 or a 5 on all my AP exams, which is usually the minimum score colleges require for credit. There's risk associated with both choices — I'm just not sure which risk to take (credits not transferable vs AP Exam score too low).

I've had people tell me to take the AP exams and not waste my time with dual enrolling in classes that aren't related to my major (I plan to go into STEM), and I've also had people tell me that dual enrollment is a better option. Overall, I'm just really torn about the decision and was hoping this community could offer some insight. What would you guys recommend?

Thank you so, so much!


a conflicted (and really stressed) junior

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3 years ago

Hi! I’m a senior who has taken both dual enrollment and AP classes and personally, I would recommend a mixture of both. If you have dual enrollment, you can get some of your general education requirements done early for college, plus they also act as a back up in case you don’t do well on certain AP exams. With AP exams, if you do well enough, you can get credits for some of the harder classes in college. But take the AP course that you think you would do better on, unless you think you can do good on both exams. If you think you’d only do good on one of the exams, then take the dual enrollment class for the other.

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