2 months ago
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Is Pioneer Academics’ research programme any good?

So I have applied to a research programme at Pioneer academics and I’m positive that I would get into it. Do you think it is worth it? How much of importance would it hold on my college application? Or do you think it’s just another version of Horizon academic research programme? And it costs me 5000 dollars.


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2 months ago

As I mentioned in your previous post, I think the pay-to-play brokers are not an impressive route to get a research internship versus curating that relationship on your own. In the future, if you are an undergraduate at a top research university, it will be expected that you develop your own personal relationships on campus and interview for and get your own research internships, projects, or grants. You are not going to rely on a third party to set you up with a professor for a $5000 fee. Therefore, it's much better to get used to the idea now and show college admissions officers that you possess some drive, grit, and tenacity to procure these opportunities on your own steam.

Good luck.


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