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Taking a minor?

I am planning on taking neuroscience as a major which blends in with psychology courses. Would it be a good idea to minor in psychology since a lot of the classes cross over? I plan on going into the research sector as a career.

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Hey @Inox!

I would recommend choosing minors that you are interested in rather than choosing a minor because there is overlap in the classes you have to take for your major. I view minors as additional learning that you can do in fields of your interest without making a huge commitment to them (like you would for a major). If you are really interested in psychology, go for that minor! If not, maybe choose another minor that you are interested in! Usually minors will not have a lot of class requirements, so you may be able to fit it in your schedule along with the classes for your neuroscience major.

Additionally, because you are interested in a research career, reflect on what type of research you are interested in (you'll also get a lot of time in college to explore different types of research, so it's okay if you are unsure at the moment). If you are leaning towards psych-based research, then the minor in psychology may help you pursue a research career in that field.

Hope that helps!


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