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Common App college specific fee waiver

I got an email from Swarthmore college saying I had gotten a fee waiver but I how do I check it off on common app since its college specific and not a general fee waiver?

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2 months ago[edited]

On the CommonApp, once Swarthmore is in your "My Colleges" list, you can click on "Questions".

If you click on that, it will bring you to a list. The options are "General", "Academics", "Contacts", "Family", "Other Information", and "Testing".

You will want to click on "General".

You will see a few questions, go to the question that says "Do you intend to use one of these school-specific fee waivers? "

If you click on it, there will be a drop-down menu. You'll want to select "Swarthmore College Fee Waiver - offered a fee waiver directly from Swarthmore".

I hope that helps!

2 months ago[edited]

Under "My College", click Swarthmore, then click "Questions".

There you will find this text


The questions on this page are being asked by Swarthmore College

Preferred start term

Do you intend to use one of these school-specific fee waivers?

Select from the 3 choices

Discover Swarthmore - Nominated for or applied for Discover Swarthmore

Questbridge Scholar - Applying through the Questbridge Program

Swarthmore College Fee Waiver - Offered a fee waiver directly from Swarthmore

Good Luck


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