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What are the best extracurriculars for me to start now that I'm a sophomore to help me get the attention of the Ivy Legues I want to go to(Yale, Princeton, Harvard)? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I would definitely start doing activities that relate to your passion. If you like science, for example, get into Science Olympiad and Science Bowl and spend a lot of your time there. Do research in a specific science subject too, like Biology. If you can this year, apply for leadership in those clubs, or really any club in general.

Try to start a passion project of some kind (there are many, look some up for inspiration!) or even start your own club at school. Start volunteering and being active in your community. But just remember Quality > Quantity. Make sure your goal is to really make an impact by spending a lot of time in these EC's. The more committed you are to a certain EC, the stronger it will look on your app. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions.


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