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Similar (almost the same) ECs

The overall main themes of my application are helping others and teaching. All of my ECs go back to at least one of those two.

Between my activities, I have five that are almost the same: Volunteer Teaching Assistant. At my school, every teacher selects one or two students per class every year to be their TA. We basically help the teachers with everything they need; and assist our peers during and after class (both tutoring them, answering questions, and helping with homework). In 10th grade, I assisted my Portuguese and English teachers; in 11th, there were no TAs due to COVID; now, in 12th, I'm assisting my Spanish, Bio, and Math teachers.

Since being a TA for all of them is the same activity but varying subjects, can I/should I group them to list other ECs that I have and wouldn't fit otherwise?

PS.: I'm an International Student from Brazil. My school year goes from Jan-Dec.


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2 months ago

I think you should write all of your TA's in one extracurricular and in description box explain when and which teacher you assisted. Hope this helps:)


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