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community service hours?

I am a freshman and wondering what I should do for community service for college. I know what I would like to do but I do not know what a goo hours is per year. How many hours per year is good and how many would be amazing?


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2 months ago

if your school has specific requirements for volunteer hours, aim for about 20-30 hours more than that. if they don’t, aim to volunteer for 20-30 hours at school events each year like open houses or clubs, and 20-30 hours from outside events like those offered at the YMCA. during the summer, aim to get another 10-20 hours more. Aim to get club hours, out of school hours, and in school hours to build a good profile. hope this helped!

2 months ago[edited]

I would recommend starting early, when you have time during the school year, volunteer at a animal shelter or a food pantry, any place looking for volunteers, during the weekends. I would say 20+ hours per year are good, but it depends on you or if your school requires a specific amount. By the summer of senior year, you would have a good amount of hours. Also, try dosomething.org and visit online volunteer sites, they can help you find places to volunteer online and in person


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