2 months ago
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Would fundraising money for refugees be a good community service/initiative/extracurricular?

- rising sophomore

Is raising money for refugees a good idea?

@Texas_Student2 months ago

I would recommend editing your question to ask if this would be a good experience for community service/an extracurricular.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@cutelittledumpling2 months ago

oh ok, I was really unsure how to do that since I’m really new at this posting thing.

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Accepted Answer
2 months ago

I know lots of people use GoFundMe. I would recommend advertising using social media and possibly reaching out to local news outlets. The question would be how you would ensure the money goes to the people who need it and those you are advertising to would know that as well.

Good luck!!!

2 months ago

I am unsure why you are asking this question on collegevine. The question does not relate to college whatsoever. However, my suggestion is to look into organizations that are already doing this (there are likely several) and offering to volunteer for their cause


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