4 months ago
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Extracurriculars for computer science

I'm far behind everyone else when it comes to extracurriculars , this is really making me nervous. I want to study computer science but I haven't done activities related to it. Can someone recommend me or tell me what i should do ? (I'm in g11)


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4 months ago

No worries! First, make sure that you have done the most rigorous CS at your school consistently. Then, there are plenty of great CS extracurricular opportunities. Below are some ideas:

1. Start a programming club. This shows colleges that you have taken leadership.

2. Better yet, create a Cyber Security team. Compete in the CyberPatriot competition with the aim to do really well. I did this a few years ago with my friends and it was a great experience.

3. Intern at a tech company/startup. Find a way to get into the “real” tech world.

Also, there are a variety of other programming competitions in which you could distinguish yourself. Make sure you take leadership in some way, distinguish yourself, and find some way to get into the real world of CS.

I hope this helps!


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