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Do colleges care if I don’t take too many AP Classes, but take a lot of exams?

Hi! I am a rising sophomore and go to a school which offers a lot of AP courses(19), but I am on track to probably only take 8. So far, I have taken AP CS A at school and AP Microeconomics on edX, scoring a 5 on both exams. However, I am planning to self-study at least 3 other exams on the side. If I score well on exams without taking the course at school, will colleges treat it equally? Also, as I want to apply to the most selective schools, is this enough APs? Thanks.

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5 months ago

I would say that it doesn't matter where you study your APs, school, or self-study. The fact you can score 5's self-studying is very impressive by all accounts and that will be noticed by all AOs reading your application.

Just out of curiosity, if you already took 2 APs and you have 3 years of HS left, why do you say you are only on track to take 6 more or 2 per year? Are you limited in how many APs you can take or are you trying to graduate early, or something else? Most HS students have 6-8 periods a day in school so what do you do with the other 4-6 periods then?



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