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Sophomore Year Course Selection

Hello! I am starting sophomore year, and here is my schedule:


Honors Algebra 2

English 2

Honors Chemistry

Honors Global Issues

Mandarin 4

Intro to Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

Extracurriculars: Club Swim team, varsity swim team, volunteering at an organization(helping lower-income families with independent school admissions), and starting a club.

As I want to go to the most selective schools, I had a few questions: Are these classes enough? Should I do honors mandarin 4? And, should I do AP Physics 2 instead of Mechanical Engineering?

Thank you.

@Crewgal3 years ago

Have you taken AP physics 1 yet?

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3 years ago

The classes you take should be challenging for you, but make sure they aren't to much for you to handle. It is better to take 3 honors and get all A's then to take 5 honors and have C's.

Also, take classes that interest you or relate to what you want to do in college. If you are interested in engineering and want to do something related to it in college, then Intro to Mechanical/Electrical Engineering is probably a good choice.

Your extracurriculars can also help strengthen your application more if some of them relate to what you want to do in college. For example, if I was interested in majoring in Computer Science, then STEM club would help my application more than Cooking club would.

Hope this helped, and good luck!!

3 years ago


You should be taking the most rigorous courses from your school. I don't know what courses your school offers, so you should know. To get into a selective school, you should even consider taking 12th-grade level classes or higher- it shows initiative and distinction.

As for your ec's- they are decent, and they could be improved. Colleges want to see passion and uniqueness. A lot of people volunteer for lower-income families, but do a lot of people get inspired and initiate a start-up company that's dedicated to aiding lower income families?


Also- your ec's should reach an international or national level. So if you were to make a start-up company, that company should have branches across the world or employees around the world. Something international or a national level.

Best of luck for your next two years!

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