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I am an international student. I am from a small town (it's more like a village) and my school does not offer any AP, IB, or Honors courses but my grades are pretty good so I just wanted to check whether my EC's are a fit to get into Ivy League. Can someone help me with this? My extracurriculars are as follows:

1. Head Girl of my school in 12th grade

2. Class president for 5 years before becoming Head Girl

3. Cheif editor of my school magazine

4. State level athlete and captain of my school girl's athletic team

5. State Chess champion of 2015, went to nationals and got 8th in nationals.

6. I was awarded as the best all-rounder of my school

7. I participated in National Art competitions

8. I was the Director of Security Council in Model UN

9. I am a part of my school dance group

10. I am the district-level winner in a science talent search exam.

11. I took few online courses related to CS

In my town internships and part-time jobs are only given to students above 18 years old. So I don't have any of them. I wanted to major in Computer Science but my EC's are not related to my intended major. So, can I get into an Ivy League School with these EC's? Or should I improve my EC's?


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3 years ago

Being involved in so many things is great, but colleges will definitely want to see focus in your intended major of CS. You mentioned that you took a couple coding classes and it would be great if you could take some of that knowledge and apply it to your other ECs. For example coding a new website for your dance team or model UN group would be a great way to show your dedication to CS and also show that you have tangible skills. We also have a blog post on EC ideas for people who want to major in CS so I hope that's helpful too! https://blog.collegevine.com/extracurriculars-for-aspiring-computer-science-majors/

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