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Is it a good idea to self study AP’s?

- sophomore

hi, I wanted to know if self-studying a few AP’s would be doable as a sophomore. I’m taking these classes next year:

Semester 1:

World History H

Pre Calc Trig H

Chem H

(Perhaps) pre-engineering and CAD: not sure if I will take this class as I don’t want to overload myself on hard classes. I have the option to switch this out for Spanish 3 but am unsure because of my school’s weird grading system. My school’s grading system is all entirely based on tests we take in school, not on homework and other work we do in class.

Semester 2:

English 10 H

Spanish 3

Pre Calc Functions H

(Perhaps) Digital Connections and a Study Hall: I wanted to take Physics H but it’s full second semester so I’m going to wait and see if it will still be full by the time semester 2 rolls around.


Walking Fitness (to get my last PE credit)

I wanted to self-study these AP’s:

- AP Macroeconomics and/or Microeconomics (which would be better to take first ?)

- AP Environmental Science


- (Perhaps) AP Chinese Lang and Culture

I want to take at least one or two (preferably APUSH and APES) but I don’t really know if they are AP’s I could self study and get at least a 4 or 5 on top of a full school schedule. Both APUSH and APES are available at my school, but I’ve heard that APUSH was one of the hardest AP classes at my school and APES is really there in place of Physics.

I would really appreciate any advice and thoughts! If anyone has good textbooks, resources, study notes, etc. please let me know!


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2 months ago

hey!! i would really only recommend studying for subjects that you already kind of know/are strong in. for example, one of my friends speaks spanish and was able to take the ap spanish test without actually taking the class. i do think you can definitely studying APES, many of my friends took it last year and i heard it was fairly easy and the majority of people passed. as far as APUSH, last year it was online so it was slightly easier for me, but i think it's a lot of content and is a good discussion class, so i think it would be easier to take in school. best of luck to you in your sophomore year!


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