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algebra in high school

from what i can see my high school does not offer a algebra 1 class, does SM count as algebra?

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@Donovan_Little035 months ago

What is SM?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Honeydew5 months ago

I am just learning that this seems to not be a class that is common, it stands for standard mathematics, it goes in order of 1,2 and 3 and is high school level math , it is required in my school, maybe it goes by another name in other places.

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5 months ago

Hi there @Honeydew, many freshman usually start with Geometry, progress on to Algebra II, and then complete Trigonometry/Pre-Calc and Calculus their last couple years of high school. If you still need to fulfill the algebra requirement, you can take your high school's equivalent to then work up to the other courses. If you're not sure what the equivalent is, I would talk to your guidance counselor or send the teacher a quick email so they can clarify how the course is measured specific to your high school.

Hope this helps!


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