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What do I about my course rigor

I’m a junior who wants to apply to tops schools my senior year my top choice is UPenn rn my school offers de and ap classes 12 Ap no more than 8 I was planning to take 4 Aps but nobody sign up for the classes and I can’t take because classes over lap or there not offering it and only class I could take is Lang I was going to to Econ DE but that was canceled due to know one signing up what do I do I taken going to take honor 10+. Classes my only other option is to take US history DE but I don’t want to do that cuz of amount of work US gives I rather use that time for sat ecs and honors what do I do

@Texas_Student3 years ago

How many students are required for a class to make in your school?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Hectorman3 years ago

@Texas_Student I don’t know

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3 years ago

First of all, find out how many students are required for a class to make. For my school, there have to be five students signed up for that class. If the number is around 5-10 you should be able to find other students who are willing to also sign up for that class. If the number is closer to 20, you might have a harder time, but I do think you should try as hard as possible. If that doesn't work, you might be able to self study some AP courses and still take the tests which would help colleges see that you are trying to increase your course rigor. If dual enrollment is an option, that would be a good option too, even if it can be challenging.

3 years ago

Great question, @Hectorman! If your school doesn't offer a ton of AP classes, that's okay. Admissions officers usually have a grasp of how many AP classes your high school offers, and you can write about your difficulties in creating a class in the Additional Information section of your application.

You do have some alternatives for the time being, though. You should definitely be loading up on the APs/Honors you feel comfortable taking at your school - that is, the ones you know you'll do well in without overloading yourself.

Then, you can self-study for APs that are not offered or you do not feel will enrich your courseload. Be sure to check against your prospective school's admissions requirements if you choose to do this. Some schools require that you take a certain number of history/social science courses and don't always count AP test scores alone as a qualification for meeting this requirement.

Finally, you can also take courses online or at your local community college to obtain college or high school credit in the subjects not offered at your school. You'll need to cross-reference how transfer credits work, but it's a good option for those in your situation.

Hope this helps!

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