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Virginia Tech and Theater Program

Hello! I’m considering going to VT to major in chemistry and was also interested in perusing theater as a hobby/ elective in college. Does anyone happen to know about the theater program at Tech and how I’d go about doing it as a hobby and not a major. Thank you!


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Hi there @padilla13,

When it comes to pursuing theater at the collegiate level, you have a few options besides majoring. I've listed them below from most to least commitment.

You can do a Theatre Arts minor: https://liberalarts.vt.edu/academics/majors-and-minors/theatre-arts-minor.html

There is also London Calling, a study abroad program where you can pursue your interest intently for a few months without dedicating all four years to it.

As a less intensive alternative, you can take your elective courses in the School of Performing Arts. I'd recommend subscribing to this interest form to get connected to a staff member that can answer your personal questions: https://s275-vt.shopwindow.me/theatre-interest

There are also plenty of clubs you can join at VTech, where you can pursue the performing arts as a hobby rather than as part of your curriculum. Some examples include USITT, a technical theatre club, and Musical Theatre Club. There are also groups like Soulstice A capella if you're looking for a more team-oriented club.

Hope this helps!


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