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Application Fee Waivers at Fordham

I’m an international student applying in the upcoming cycle and I got an email from Fordham saying that they waived my application fees of $70. Obviously, that’s great, but I was just wondering if this is a common practice, does everyone receive a fee waiver? I didn’t apply for a fee waiver so what is it based on? Common App also doesn’t have my test scores or anything so I was just curious about what it was that made them waive the fees. Thanks!


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3 years ago

Although Fordham is a very good college it is looking for more qualified applicants to apply. During the last application cycle, they received about 45000 applications down from 48000 the previous year. In addition, their acceptance rate went up to 58% versus 53% for the Class of 2024.

Other more competitive colleges like Ivys had record levels of applicants some over 50% increase over the previous cycle and their admit rates were record lows. (5.26% was the avg. admit rate across all 8 Ivy schools).

Therefore, I don't think it unusual or exceptional that you received a fee waiver since their demand for attending has softened and they are looking to keep their enrollment numbers healthy. As a matter of practical business practice, more and more 2nd and 3rd tier colleges will be more aggressive about marketing in the future. There is some study that indicates that up to 500 private colleges have some financial problems and will close or merge over the next 5-10 years.

If Fordham is one of your target schools, then use the free fee waiver by all means. But don't apply there if you are not interested in the school.

Good luck

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