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Hi, as an international student, the grading system and educational system operates differently from the American educational and grading system. For example, in American schools a subject like math is broken down into subjects like Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Statistics, Pre-Calc and so on. Whereas in my school, they combine all the various topics in math to just be math on its own. In application forms as well as college vine, you see a lot of questions like how many AP courses you have taken or how many honors courses you have taken. In my school its not like that, we do not have AP courses or honors courses so when filling college application forms it really looks weird. I have also done some research on what topics in certain subjects that is considered an AP/honors course and i have actually done all of those. I would like to have some advice and insight on this. I would also like to add that my school uses the British curriculum, so we do the International General Certificate of Secondary Education(IGCSE) as well as the Checkpoint Exam (CIE).

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As an international student too, I also was confused when I saw AP/HONORS courses; however, after a ton of research, I learned that colleges won't punish you if your school does not offer AP & honors courses. They just expect you to take the hardest courses that your school offers. Hope that helped.👌🏾


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