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Is it always good to aim for top schools even though some may not be good for my major?

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4 months ago

That's what I used to think, but names don't matter if the school does not care about your major. For example, lets say that Harvard realy does not care about economics, and it's ranked 80th in economics; however, ranked 1st internationaly. It would be a poor choice to study economics there even though the school as a whole is highly ranked. Hope it was helpful.👌🏾

4 months ago

The best advice I received was to pick colleges where you feel you fit in and that you like. Pick schools that you see yourself thriving at not struggling to keep up. I never understand why everyone wants to go to an Elite or Ivy when they are extremely difficult places to thrive at unless you have spent most of your high school taking advanced classes, college-level courses, have near-perfect grades, and know-how to manage your time to the hour. It's like they all want to say they got into Stanford or Yale, but in actuality, getting in is the easy part, keeping up an A average to get into a good grad school is very hard. You should pick a school that is suited to your ability regardless of major.

Then pick a school that also offers the major you are interested in. So if you are looking at Top 50 schools, pick the schools you want to attend and see if your major is offered.

But a mistake would be to pick a top school for clout or bragging rights, not get in, and then settle for a safe school that you're not interested in. Every school on your list should be a happy place for you.

Good luck


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