4 months ago
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Is it recommended to waive your right to view your letters of recommendation from teachers?

Will waiving my right to view my letters of recommendation when applying to colleges help me during the admissions process?


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Accepted Answer
3 months ago

Absolutely, yes, the letter is more credible that way. Readers know the writer was free to write whatever and you would never see it so they weren't writing to protect your feelings or help further your relationship.

100% waive your right

4 months ago[edited]

Waiving your rights means that you have confidence in your recommenders to advocate for you. I don't see any upside in the admissions process to decline to waive your rights. The only upside is that you get to view what they write if the opportunity to look at your application file is made available to you.

I don't think you have any rights to dispute what your recommenders write or intervene or add your own commentary even if you might get to view the recommendation. So it really doesn't help you whatsoever if you waive your rights.

Good luck


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