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Independant ACT studying

what are some tips for Independent ACT studying? thank you


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a month ago

Definitely use CrackACT.com. Not only do they have online passage tests, but they have a lot of actual, full-length ACT tests. But the key here is to actually analyze your mistakes instead of saying, 'Oh yeah, I knew that.' and moving on. Make sure you understand what made you pick that answer and what you will try to do the next time you see that kind of question.

Watch a bunch of youtube videos on different strategies you can use while taking the ACT. Examples of this are reading the passage first and then going to the questions, or vice versa.

Good luck, you got this!

a month ago

I just started studying for both as a high school Junior and for the SAT I got a Kaplan test prep book that is massive but works really well. It has lots of practice tests that simulate the real thing. I know that the Princeton review has some really great ones as well as the ACT brand.

If you work best with a physical study material, then I would definitely go with a book. If not, the ACT also has online studying material.


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