2 months ago
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How strong are my chances for the following schools?

Baruch college

Howard university

Umass Amherst


Hampton university

I have a 3.5 gpa with a 1090 sat score with 6/7 strong extra curriculars 5 ap classes and 250 community service hours and I’m going to apply to apply to most of the schools early action but I’m still working on my esssay currently

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2 months ago

@AsherThomas one of the rules of CollegeVine is not to ask any Chancing Questions. I'm not an administrator but you might get a message on this post to modify your question or ask a different question otherwise you will be flagged and this post will be deleted.

CV has a chancing profile where you can upload all your stats and then run them against your list of colleges but you have to set up your list of colleges and put in your stats correctly. That is how it's done on this website. This is not like Reddit or Quora, you don't ask chancing questions on posts.

Good luck


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