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Are there any ba/jd programs at t50 schools?


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3 years ago

There are 3 schools that have accelerated JD programs but you can't apply to them right out of High School.

At both Columbia University and UPenn, they admit a limited number of students into a 3 year JD program after 3 years of Undergrad. You have to apply during your junior year. When I mean limited it's like 2 students out of 400 matriculated at Columbia Law, so that's a 0.50% acceptance rate which is much lower than the 16.7% acceptance rate for normal post-4-year applicants.

At Northwestern, you can apply to a 2 year JD program which is a year-round program. You can't apply to this unless you have already graduated and have 2 years of post-graduate legal experience.

There is nothing like in a T50 school that would be a 3/3 BS/JD otherwise.

I would err on the side of caution to apply to a 3/3 program that doesn't land you into a TOP 25 Law School because some top law firms only recruit at the better law schools and your earnings potential will be quite different if you settle for a regional law school. Also, if you have goals of being a Federal Judge, you definitely want to go to a Top Law School like Yale, Stanford, or Harvard. Even the opportunity to clerk for a Federal Judge is limited if you don't go to a top law school.

In comparison to the BS/MD programs available, there are really not very many top law schools that encourage or promote this kind of thing.

I got accepted this cycle to attend Columbia University but I'm not sure I'm even going to apply to their Law School after I attend 3 years. There are clearly some better law schools and I'm not sure if I qualified for the 3/3 at CU, I would forgo the opportunity to attend a better Law School.

Good Luck.

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