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UC Application Prompt Choices

For the UC applications, I am considering doing both prompt 4 on educational opportunities and prompt 6 about favorite academic subject. I was wondering if that will make it a little redundant since they are both about the academics.

Note: My prompt 4 is going to be about a class that I took in a local community college and how I realized that I need to do more research to be a better scientist. My prompt 6 is going to be about my experience in an bio pharmaceutical company and how it inspired me to love biology as an area of science rather than just a class full of vocabulary.


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No, I wouldn't say so. If they are about different things, I think it is fine. The only thing you need to focus on is showing different sides to yourself in each of your four essays. If in the first essay, for example, you show your ambition, drive, etc, and in your second essay you show your vulnerability while learning, love for exploration(?), or ability to perceive things differently, etc, then they would be amazing prompts to choose.

However, if you show your ambition and passion in both, that is where it would get redundant. Good luck! Just make sure you make your personality shine through!


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