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How can I increase my awards and honours online ?

I am in a levels currently and I don’t have enough awards and honours to my name . In covid times it’s hard enough to even volunteer without participating for awards . Is there any opportunity online that I could participate in virtually and get awards to put on my application ? Any leads will be appreciated .

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a month ago

Hi! One thing that can show your interest to college admissions officers and build your skills in your intended field, is taking up online courses through Coursera and EdX.

These contain short courses with certifications available to serve as proof (and a confidence booster).

25 days ago

If you don't have any traditional honors/awards right now, it might be helpful to think back and see if there's anything that you've done that is impressive, even if it's not an honor/award. For example, my background is non-traditional so I don't really have access to many typical honors/awards, so I'm filling my honors/awards section with cool things I did (e.g. performed in front of X people at Y event) instead of things I won (e.g. National Merit Finalist). I asked several admissions officers and a CollegeVine live about this, and they all said that it was fine and that would be really cool as long as it's something that I find important and something that's actually a tangible accomplishment. In short, think really hard, be creative with it, and try to express those accomplishments in a way that helps them understand how impressive it was; you've probably done more than you think!


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