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Where do I write my achievements in the Common App?

Where am I supposed to mention my awards and achievements? Is there a specific section for that? Or do we have to write it in the activities section?


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a month ago

Hello there! I am currently working on my Common App too and I hope the best for you:)

You could mention 5 of your top achievements/honors in the Honors section in Education. However, you could also mention the rest in the Activities. I hope this is helpful:)

a month ago

Hi @mmkdp, great question!

In the Common app, there is an Honors section that appears in the Education section as you fill out the application. The portal will ask you how many honors you wish to list. There is a maximum of five, so you may need to narrow it down and choose the ones that are most important to you or that best represent your academic achievements. If you have leftover accomplishments that you still want to list, you can choose to do so in the Activities section. You can also mention them in your essays, though if an honor is big enough for an entire supplement, it should probably also be reflected in your Honors section.


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