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Currently, I am in senior year and would like to apply SAT/test optional through the common app before December/Nov deadlines. However, I am applying for my first SAT trial on December and expect to take it 1-2 more times. My chances in many colleges I'm applying to are Reach/low only because of my test optional app. Therefore, I would like to know if there are other 2021-22 application deadlines that I can apply to instead, with my final SAT scores. Also, is it possible to apply to the next intake and enroll in semester 2 2022 if I graduate from High School in May 2021.

I would appreciate your responds and advises.


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2 years ago

Here is a list of Spring admissions colleges or colleges that accept students for the second term in the Spring:


If you are taking the SAT for the first time on December 4th you will not be able to apply to any schools that have a Nov.1 or Dec.1 deadline. Your 12/4/21 test date is the last SAT test date you can take to submit a test score for your Regular Decision applications which are typically either 1/1/22 or 1/15/22. The next test date is March 12th with the results coming out March 25th so many college acceptance results are either before or around that results date.

I guess you will have to decide once you get your 12/4 test results on 12/17 whether or not to submit them. I recommend that you wait to apply to colleges on your list until you know your SAT results and how they will affect your application.

If you are going to plan on taking the SAT 2 more times, say in March and May 2022, are you also thinking about taking a gap year as well?

Good Luck

2 years ago

Hi @LeenAlshibi,

This is a good question! If you want to submit test scores from winter, applying in spring so you can actually submit them on time might be a better idea.

You can learn more about applying spring semester to schools here: https://blog.collegevine.com/spring-admissions-and-what-they-mean-for-you/

You can also check out our articles on test optionality if you'd like a refresher so that you can make a more informed decision about applying for fall or spring!



2 years ago

I'm not sure if I completely understand your question, but if it helps, you can send colleges your SAT scores after you apply so that they are considered for the initial intake of applications even if you take the SAT after you apply. I'm not sure what the deadline or policy is on that though, but it might be something to look into!

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