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Is it worth it to take 4 AP classes next year as a junior?

I am a current sophomore in Honors Spanish III, Honors Geometry, Honors US History, Honors Chemistry, and Honors English. I take school super seriously, with an unweighted GPA of 3.97. The four APs I want to take are English Language/Composition, US History, Biology, and Psychology. Our school doesn't offer AP classes to sophomores or freshmen, so I have never taken an AP class, only honors/level 1. I have never gotten a grade below a 90 in high school, so it might be worth the challenge.


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Going straight from zero AP courses to four may be a bit of a leap, but if you have earned consistant As in all your honors classes you will probably be fine. I'm going to break down some info for each of your classes. AP English Lang and Comp is the regular progression after Honors 9 and 10 English, as long as you have received As and maybe Bs in that class you should have no problems with passing the course. APUSH is widely considered the most difficult AP social studies class, if you've never taken an honors social studies course before this class may not be for you. If you do want to go for it, I suggest you start learning the format of DBQ and LEQ writing as soon as possible because most other students in the US will take AP World History before APUSH, and therefore will likely have the edge on you for how to properly format and answer college board essays. AP Bio is, in my opinion, the easiest AP science after AP Environmental Science. If you are good at memorizing information or if you've taken regular Bio before you'll breeze through that class. AP Psych is tricky, to do well in that class you have to be good at memorizing information, taking notes, and you have to really like the class. If psych isn't something you're really interested in this class may be horrifically boring to you. Overall, to do well in an AP class you need three things, you need to be able to keep a study schedule, you must be excellent at taking and reviewing notes, and you have to be able to teach yourself some of the content, because often the teacher may not cover everything to the extent you need for the exam. Remember, AP classes are college level courses, so expect a college level amount of course work. If you play sports or are active in many clubs you may have to adjust so that you can put your academics first if you chose to do 4 AP classes.


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