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How many applicants are there for Early Decision application

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Depends on which college you're talking about.

Just search "<collegename> Common Data Set" on Google and you'll probably find a document. That document is called the Common Data Set which has a lot of insightful info about a college. You can find the number of early decision applicants and acceptances there [It will be on line C21 of the document I guess].

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This is a very vague and odd question to ask because there are over 3200 4 year colleges in the US and each school has different amount of Early Decision Applicants and different ED acceptance rates.

If you want to make generalizations about the Ivy League which is only 8 schools, typically 10-17.5% of the total amount of applications apply early. So if Columbia University had 60000 applicants, then about 6000 applied early but at Harvard the had 57000 applicants and about 10000 applied early.

When it comes to admissions, about 1/3 rd of the total future admits are accepted during ED. So at Harvard they accepted 747 out of a total of 1968 and at Columbia about 650 out of 2218 admits.

The main conclusions you can make is that it is slightly easier to get into your dream school if you apply early and forgo the opportunity to apply to other colleges in the process. However what the stats do not tell you is that within the pool of ED applicants are other types which historically get preferential treatment. The candidates would be recruited athletes, legacy candidates, development candidates, sons and daughter of employees of the college and VIP or Deans List Candidates. If you are a famous actor, won a Nobel Peace Prize or had parents that donated 10 million dollars to the school, you clearly have a better chance of getting admitted. What is also not disclosed is that if you are a VIP candidate you do not have to go through the Common App process. Rather a concierge admissions officer is assigned to you and they guide you through the process and any missing documents or credentials you need to complete their review.

Hope this helps answer your inquiry.

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I don't really understand your question but if you're talking about whether or not people are applying for early decisions then yes, I will


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