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Questions for CBSE students in common Application

My question is related to common application ( US universities), my daughter is in CBSE 12th. I have two questions

a) While mentioning Course and Grades, in common application, should we select the Grading scale as 1-10 ?

b) For schedule should we select yearly? ( options are semester, trisemester etc..) ?

Appreciate if someone knowledgeable to answer this.

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4 months ago[edited]

Since most colleges these days are very familiar with International applicants from India, I would suggest either using the 100 pt scale or the 10 pt scale. The benefit of the 100 pt scale is that it shows more granular grades like 97 or 94 rather than rounding them to 9.0 or 10.0. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to convert this to a 4.0 scale because it might not look that favorable in the end.

Also, just follow the basic rules about how long each grading period is. If there is only 1 grading period per year, that would be annual. If your daughter gets 2 grades per year, that's semester, and if she gets 3 or 4 grades per year, that's trimester or quarterly.

Hope that helps.

4 months ago

I just passed 12th this year from CBSE but am in the same situation as you, since I have chosen to take a gap year. And to answer your question, on the basis of what I am doing in my application:

a) Choose 1-100 rather than 1-10 as our marks are in % which is out of 100

b) I chose yearly because our 1st Term marks aren't exactly our whole term's marks, they are just the marks of the Term end exam.

Hope that helps :)

Also, I had a question, what Course Level are you filling? Because we don't have AP classes and our actual syllabus is equivalent to the AP courses, so giving the level "Regular/Standard" won't do justice


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