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Can I an international student apply for Spring term 2022 in Sep 2021?

All I can see in Admissions section(Uni website) is info. regarding Fall semester... What about Spring term? I did a gap year and if I apply now will I only be able to join next Sept. or can I join this Jan.?

@Akhsunaa month ago

Same situation with me! But I wanted to know that is the Spring term the 2nd semester or is it another batch and starts from 1st semester itself? (Although I have decided to join next Sep, I just want to know more about Spring term)

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a month ago

The general rule for both US and Int'l students is that you apply either Early Decision or Early Action around November 1 each year (Sometimes there are ED II dates that are in Dec/Jan) or Regular Decision January 1 (Sometimes RD is 1/15, 2/1 but the standard application deadline is 1/1). That's how it's been in America for the last 50 years or longer.

This applies to 99%+ of the 3200 colleges offering 4-year degrees. When I did a google search the results showed a bunch of Spring admit lists but quickly learned that they are all wrong. Some say, Harvard, Yale, and MIT let you apply for Spring intake as an incoming Freshman but their official website disproves that and you can only apply to start in the Fall.

Therefore, you have to do your own research and sort through your lists of colleges you wish to apply to, and see if they do a Spring intake. You might find a few State Schools.

The caveat would probably be an online university because they are more flexible but you might not wish to attend one of those.

Good luck


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