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3 years ago
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Final Exams

Hello, I'm really anxious and worried. My school finally added a grades history section on powerschool. I got to see all of my grades and saw my final exam grades from freshman year. I passed half of them but failed my algebra (40%) and biology exam (58%).I got a 66 in History. I'm so worried that it will affect the way colleges look at me. I got all A's and B's that year and about 2 C's. I failed my final exams and now I'm embarrassed and really worried! How will final exams affect me?


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1 answer

3 years ago

Colleges will only look at your final overall grade. They don't look at individual assignment grades. If your overall grade is still high, then there shouldn't be much worry. Also, colleges look for a spike. If you do better in your next years, then they will also take that into consideration.


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