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Changes to Chancing Engine Results

I'm writing to share that the Chancing Results are now a single % percentage number not a range of numbers. I'm not sure when this went into effect but at least for me, it's no longer a range of numbers. So let's say school was a hard target before with a range of 28% to 38%, now I see a single number like 33% instead of that range.

If anyone knows why the range was eliminated for a single number, I'd like to know what changed & why the decision to average out the results and present them was a better move for high school students to know where they stand? I suppose it takes the guesswork of averaging out and doing it yourself.

I prefer seeing a RANGE of % Percentages
I prefer seeing a single NUMBER % Percentage
I do not care if it's a RANGE or SINGLE Number
I prefer seeing a SINGLE number with +/- % error factor
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Hi there all!

As @CameronBameron mentioned, we did used to have a range to account for statistical error and to account for the intrinsic "randomness" of college applications. But, we ended up eliminating this approach because we noticed a lot of people picking and internalizing the low or high ends of the range when they should’ve been picking the middle. We feel confident enough in our model to report a single number, which is why we've transitioned to this format. Thanks for your question - I hope this helps clarify things on your end!

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@PriyaDesai do you know what the margin of error is on these single numbers? Is it 5%, 10%? Thank you.


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Seems like people either like the OLD Range or are asking for a +/- error % on the new SINGLE number.


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