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Extracurricular activities

I have a few questions regarding extracurriculars:

-Is playing the church organ considered an extracurricular, and what can put as a description?

-If I add music as an extracurricular, which is something I did out of school, what should be the organisation name for it?

-If I have no extracurriculars related specifically to academics, should I be worried?


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For the first question, on it's own playing the organ may not be considered an extracurricular activity but most colleges often have a band or a choir that requires an organ player. So my best bet with the description would be playing an instrument.

For the second question it depends on the aspect of music which you participate in. If it is generally known aspects like singing or dancing the best thing to do would be to specify it, but if it is a less popular aspect like song writing it may be better to tag it music.

Lastly, you shouldn't be worried if you have no educational extracurricular activity because the whole point of extracurriculars is to do something outside of your studies. Of course people still choose to do things that are educational but that is because they prefer it and that does not make it a compulsory thing.

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The biggest reason colleges want prospective students to have good extracurriculars is to prove that they are more than kids who ace the tests. Colleges want students to be holistically developed - especially if you're going for an elite college. Keeping this in mind, playing a church organ is definitely an extracurricular if framed properly.

What I mean by this: There is a notion that you must go to competitions and win awards for something to be extracurricular. Honestly, though, anything that you learn from, anything that you enjoy, and anything that defines you is extracurricular. You don't have to be the president of the NHS for it to be extracurricular. Do you have a YouTube channel about baking? The colleges would LOVE to hear about that! The same goes with your church organ. It IS extracurricular.

I can't really tell you what to put for your description, as that purely is based on you. But here are some things to think about: Why do you enjoy it? When did you start learning? How it's helped you [if it has] over the years. If you're talking about the description you add on the CollegeVine platform, some along the lines of "I play an instrument" is probably the way to go. Don't stress to much on this description, as the College essays are really what matter and affect your chances of getting in.

Like @Serena_16 said if what you do is not very common (you're unique!!) you can just tag it as music.

Like I said in the first paragraph, extracurriculars are to show that you're more than a straight-A-student. So if you do extracurriculars related to academics, great! But you need not do that. Just follow your passion, and you'll do great! (I know this sounds a bit cliché but seriously :D)

Thanks for reading through, and good luck! :)


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