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My school is not offering 11th-grade transcripts only issuing a passing certificate

I am an Indian student who is looking forward to applying to the U.S. this year for further studies. Due to coronavirus, my school is not offering transcripts to ensure unbiased behaviour and only providing a passing certificate. How should I deal with this? Is it okay to have this? How can I explain this issue to the colleges? What should I do?

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US colleges are aware of these types of circumstances but it always is important to point out the issue in the "add'l information" section of the common application.

During my Spring Semester or Junior year, my HS in Oregon went Pass/Incomplete grading so I have a full semester of Ps on my 11th-grade transcript. That was the norm for many students in the US.

I was frustrated at the time because I was getting straight As and taking 5 AP classes which are weighted so my UWGPA and WGPA would have certainly benefited from having grades instead of Passing marks. Nevertheless, it didn't hurt my applications in the end.

US Colleges are certainly aware that many students from all over the world are facing similar problems but since they are not monitoring this on a day-to-day basis, it's important that you use your voice to point out why your transcripts are missing grade marks and only showing Passing certificates.

Good luck.


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