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Hey so I'am a Senior in High school So far I'm currently taking difficult classes like Ap Chemistry, AP Calc AB,AP Lit, AP Capstone and U.S History.

I know Brown University would look into that and see that i am challenging myself by taking difficult classes and I wanted to know if i have to submit my unweighted GPA for the application because its pretty lower than the average who applies to brown?


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2 years ago

Yes, you have to submit your unweighted GPA on a 4.0 scale on the Common or Coalition app. There is no possibility to "fudge" your GPA by just submitting your weighted GPA because your HS counselor will have to submit your official HS transcript and HS school profile which will clearly show what the grading scale is, and both your UWGPA and WGPA as well as whether the course rigor you are pursuing is challenging yourself based on the opportunities afforded to you by your school.

What you need to be aware of is that if other peers are applying to Brown either ED or RD, everyone at your school will be compared and contrasted to one another, not just what the stats for admits are at Brown based on the last couple of admissions cycles.

Good Luck

2 years ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question. There is really no way of getting around submitting your GPA to the schools you are applying to. Brown will likely look at your class grades from your transcript and re-weight them using their own criteria to create a weighted GPA. This weighted GPA in addition to your standardized test scores will create your academic section of the application, which will be used to assess where you lie on the "academic threshold". This threshold is used by most top schools to assess if an applicant meets the academic requirements to undergo a holistic review process -- meaning the college will then factor in your extracurriculars, letter of recommendations and essays.

If you are curious about your chances to Brown University I would highly recommend checking out our Chancing Engine which can help you see your chances of getting into Brown University based on your application profile. It can also help you identify the weaker and stronger points of your application with respect to the average competitive applicant at Brown.

Additionally, here are some other resources to browse if you are curious about Brown admissions!




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