2 months ago
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Can I take the AP exam and take the class on College Board portal if I'm an international student?

In my country, Dominican Republic, we don't have AP classes but we have AP exams center. How can I log in College Board for taking the exam? How many costs to take the exam? Is really important for my college application as an international student? How many exams can I take in one year?

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2 months ago

First, open an account on CollegeBoard and register as an Int'l student. On CollegeBoard there is an AP section so you can see which exams are available and dates to take them in the Dominican Republic. Remember, the AP exam (s) are usually only once a year in the middle of May. So the next exam cycle is May 2022. If you are a Senior this is not going to do you any good since college decisions will be out before the AP exams comence. I recommend only doing this if you are a 10th or 11th grader.

The cost per exam is $123 USD so it's expensive for most people.

Good luck.

2 months ago

if you are a senior then you should focus on other things like improve your sat score and have a bunch of good extracurricular acc. to intended major

and if you are a junior you should give ap exam


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