3 years ago
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Extracurriculars/losing an oppotunity

I have just lost a great extracurricular opportunity with a 4000 dollars scholarship (global citizen year) due to a major miscommunication between the admissions office and I. I have done everything I can to gain back my seat, but they have finalized their class and decided to withdraw me even if it was their fault (long story - they even apologized and admitted that.)

I lost all the great effort and time that I have put into this opportunity that I could have put somewhere else when I am about to apply to colleges this fall!

I have lost this opportunity now and there is nothing to do about it. I just don't know what to do now with how invaluable I feel my extracurricular list is. I just feel like my application lost a great weight to it that I cannot make up for as I need large financial aid as a Syrian student . I guess my question is, how can I make up for this and if you know of any opporunities similar to gcy can you share them with me? I am Syriaphobic and I cannot imagine myself studying in Syria, there is just no good education here of any sorts. I realize I can do my best in the SAT and the essays, but I just feel very inadequate now, and there is no competition between me and my other Syrian peers applying to colleges abroad. I want to gain the confidence that opportunity gave me in my application whatever it takes!

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3 years ago

Ouch, that's rough! I would try to do as many EC's between now and when you have to apply. Even if you can't do much a couple of things are better than nothing. Also if you score well on the ACT and SAT then colleges can overlook your lack of extracurriculars. Also if you get letters of recommendation that could really help too.

3 years ago

I'm so sorry to hear this happened! While this is not the ideal outcome, don't let it discourage you from seeking other opportunities. It sounds like GCY was highly selective would of made an impression on your application, but the fact that you were chosen is a huge indicator that you're already equipped with the drive and leadership skills that several other programs are looking for.

If you're actively participating in any sports, clubs or programs, ask if there are any available leadership roles that you can take on. I'd also suggest looking for a similar leadership program (local or virtual) or one that focuses on a particular interest of yours (STEM, nursing, business). I've shared a few links to some programs that may help kick off your search, I hope it help!



3 years ago[edited]

On the topic of extracurriculars that's horrible that happened to you, it's definetly something you missed out on, however it's not the end. Colleges typically don't really care if you joined an extracurriculars activitiy if you were just mildly involved in it, ex. being on the basketball team but had no awards or a community service club with so-so hours. Rather, colleges care more for your position in these activities, for example being a basketball captain or being the president of the club, and for you I think perhaps starting a charity event or helping your community is a great place to start. Colleges love leadership, and if you can prove to colleges you are a proactive and effective leader your chances for acceptance and scholarships rise exponentially.

I wish you luck on your college journey!

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