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How should I describe DECA and BPA on the common app activities section?


I was beginning to list my activities on the common app but had a few questions. How should I describe DECA, and should I just copy and paste that for BPA since it was basically the same thing? Also, since I have only just started senior year, should I assume my time spent will remain the same throughout senior year? (Like if I did 5 hrs/week 36 weeks/year, should I say I did that for both years?)



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Hi there @shreyanp,

I think you should describe each in their own way as well as your role in them in a way that shows your specific involvement in each. I wouldn't copy paste except for in the instance in which the organizations are exactly the same (i.e. same seed program), in which case I would merge them into one extracurricular.

Since BPA and DECA are separate clubs, I would describe them slightly differently and focus on your separate role in each. As for your hours, I would also estimate them for senior year based on past years if you can reasonably expect to have the same level of involvement.

Hope this helps!


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