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What's your gut feeling about acceptance rates this cycle?

Do you think extending test-optional policies will keep application volumes at record highs? Do you think that COVID-19 variants will indefinitely influence college admissions requirements? Do you think colleges will accept more students to fulfill their demand and build more dorms? I'm curious to your opionions. Comment below after you vote.

There are very few people that got acceptance rates correct last cycle. I predicted these IVY rates last year. I was only dead correct on 1, the school I got accepted into.

Harvard 2.9% (3.43% actual), Columbia 3.7% (3.7% actual), Princeton 4.6% (4.0% actual),Yale 5.1% (4.6% actual),Brown 5.1% (5.45% actual), UPenn 6.5% (5.7% actual), Dartmouth 6.9% (6.2% actual), Cornell 8.2% (8.7% actual)

I'm going to predict my 21/22 rates by Feb. after I know what the ED/EA rates are and how many people apply.

21/22 Admit rates will ease up and be slightly higher
21/22 Admit rates will stay about the same as 20/21
21/22 Admit rates will be harder and go down slightly
21/22 Admit rates will be a mixed bag, some going up, some down
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Nearly 40% of pollsters feel that this 21/22 season will be even more competitive than last year. Buckle up and stay tuned.


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