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05/09/2020 at 12:42PM
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How does Collegevine consider AP/Honors classes in its GPA analysis?

I noticed in the Profile section, Collegevine asks for Unweighted GPA plus number of AP and Honors courses. And when it compares my fit to certain schools, it only appears to be looking at Unweighted GPA. Is the number of AP and Honors courses taken into account somehow in the GPA fit assessment for each school?

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05/11/2020 at 05:19PM

Hello @rileyv!

Our system uses both unweighted GPA and schedule rigor in its chancing analysis. Unweighted GPA is typically more accurate for chancing purposes than weighted GPA because, while many schools will weigh the same classes differently, unweighted GPA can be calculated on the same scale for every student. To then account for the effect of schedule rigor on chancing, we ask for your total number of AP and Honors classes and compare that against the data we have in our records for students who have been accepted to each school. Both metrics are taken into account when assessing whether or not you cross a school’s academic threshold, as are SAT/ACT scores.

If your high school doesn't offer AP classes, your chances might appear a bit worse, but rest assured that colleges will evaluate your course rigor based on what was available at your high school!

05/10/2020 at 07:56PM

As I don't work at CV I cant definitely say but a lot of schools use an unweighted GPA but are counteracted by the rigor of your coursework. The system to my knowledge uses the GPA for the GPA section and then academic rigor is affected by IB AP and Honors. (Rigor and GPA dont impact one another on CV chancing clac But that's the CV ways of calculating it.

Now some schools calculate just the core class GPA so it's not a one size fits all and some use their own GPA formula and others accept self-reported weighted GPA


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