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Not Many Options Available At School


What should I do if my school doesn't provide many AP classes and doesn't have any clubs? I go to a private school and it's not funded very well, so we only have 3 AP classes (1 in junior year, and 2 in senior year) and very few clubs and no girl sports teams. I want to leave the school, but my parents say it will give me a better opportunity in life because it's better than public school even though it's not. I even tried finding AP classes online, but if I took them I would still have to do my other school coursework, what should I do?


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If you think you can handle the AP online class, go for it. I'm kind of in the same situation because I want to take AP Psychology, but our school doesn't offer it. If you can take VHS (Virtual High School) like I am, then that's a great second choice. If it's possible for you to start your own club/sports team I would do that too. Lastly, if you can't do either of the above, work as hard as possible and show how dedicated you are to school. I feel like if you were able to write about your experience with a lack of school-provided activities in a college essay, it would be interesting. Also try to find activities outside of school, like service, volunteering, and maybe club sports. Good luck!

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If you're a rising sophomore I would recommend trying to make an argument towards transferring to a place with more opportunities like your local public school. It makes no sense for your parents to pay tuition for a school that doesn't have a good return on that through it's courses and clubs. You might be better off going to a public school where you don't have to pay to get those things. Research the alternative school and find what it has that you want access to that isn't at your current school. Also find out why your parent's perceive it as better and then see if you can counter it. For example if they cite better outcomes for private schools, maybe see if you can find out where alumni of your alternative school have gone to college. At the end of the day if you have to stay there just seek out what you want from the school and try to make things happen. Founding clubs or trying to get new classes offered could look very impressive. Hope this helps!