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How many DE classes should I say I've taken?

I've taken 6 year-long DE classes. At my high school they count as 1 class each, but the college counts them as two classes (one a semester). Should I put that I took 6 or 12 duel enrollment classes on my college application?

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2 months ago

I would stick to what your HS considers them, that would be the best choice.

When you upload your transcripts, I believe your HS counselor has to upload one and many colleges will require you to send in an official transcript from the issuer of the college credits. Therefore you want to be consistent and allow the college admissions, readers, to determine whether or not these are transferable or equivalent to how their school treats these classes.

I had 6 college credits from UPitt and 24 college credits from my local cc, or 30 credits total plus 6 APs where I scored 5s and 4s so if you add it all up, I should be getting a year off my college but I'm not sure I would want to graduate early. I think it's more important that you weigh the benefit of just using your course rigor to get into the college of your choice versus trying to maximize the opportunity to take fewer credits. Sometimes less is not more.

Good luck.


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